Melk laminate

white oak effect.  Pack: 2.49m2

£8.04/m2 (inc. VAT)
(£20.02 per 2.49 m2 pack)
Item Code: FL3824
White Oak laminate

White oak effect.  Pack: 2.48m2

£4.79/m2 (inc. VAT)
(£11.51 per 2.402 m2 pack)
Item Code: FL3875
kronotex Century Beige (4176)

nautral plank Oak 

£8.36/m2 (inc. VAT)
(£20.04 per 2.397 m2 pack)
Item Code: FL2362
125x14.5mm Oak Engineered UV Laq.

120x14.5mm UV Lacquered engineered

Rustic oak

1.8m2 per box

£28.20£23.99/m2 (inc. VAT)
(£43.18 per 1.8 m2 pack)
Item Code: FL3680
6" Ogee skirting 2.4m landlord

special offer skirting boards

£3/Length (inc. VAT)
2.4 m/length (£1.25/m)
Item Code: FE3502
Garden Mini sleepers 0.9m

mini sleepers Tanalised softwood garden sleeper

0.9m  200x100mm

£15/Each (inc. VAT)
0.9 m/each (£16.67/m)
Item Code: D3729
8x95mm x 2.1m

Matchboard cladding. B-grade: packs will have some minor knot holes

£15/Pack (inc. VAT)
10 lengths/pack (£1.50/lengths)
Item Code: P3855
Mdf oak slats (35x50mm) 2.7m

mdf oak slat

£5/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: P2007
45x20mm ( 2.4m lengths)

smooth 2x1 par  (2.4m lengths)

£3/Length (inc. VAT)
Item Code: P3707
mdf (fire case) leg 1.98mx 88mm

single leg 88x30x1.98m (4") mdf primed door case fire check rebated

£1/Each (inc. VAT)
2.0 m/each (51p/m)
Item Code: DF911
pine Louvre doors 610mm

pine louvre doors - 

£5 (inc. VAT)
Item Code: DF3593
Quadrant Bead 6mm

6mm x 6mm x 2.4m

50p/Each (inc. VAT)
2.4 m/each (21p/m)
Item Code: P2831
White primed flooring trim 1.2m

special offer flooring trim 1.2m

£2£1/Each (inc. VAT)
1.2 m/each (83p/m)
Item Code: P3323
Hemlock Handrail 2.4m

Special offer 2.4m length Hemlock handail 41mm rebate. (68x50mm)

£10/Each (inc. VAT)
2.4 m/each (£4.17/m)
Item Code: P3576
Brushed steel connector

Brushed steel connector

£8.50/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: P3580
Full length Turned Porch spindle Kit

Full Set Porch spindle kit

£120£65/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: P3572
White pre-finished newel post

octimber special White Colonial newel post (1220mm x 82mm)

£10/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: P3317
120mm (5")

5" Torus landlord special

£2.50/mtr. (inc. VAT)
Item Code: P3836
145mm (6")

6" Torus landlord special

£2.95/mtr. (inc. VAT)
Item Code: P3835
3" MDF Pencil round 2.1m

70mm MDF pencil round architrave primed white 2.1m

£2.10/Length (inc. VAT)
2.1 m/length (£1/m)
Item Code: P3507
Contemporary arch set

68mm arch Contemporary arch set with plinths

£6.20/Pack (inc. VAT)
5.1 m/pack (£1.22/m)
Item Code: P3454
15mm (1.2x0.97m)

DIY Sheets - Shuttering plywood

£10/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: S3856
6” x 96”

Octimber oak faced melamine chipboard

£3.50/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: S3508
9” x 96”

Octimber oak faced melamine chipboard

£6/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: S3509
12” x 96”

Octimber oak faced melamine chipboard

£7.50/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: S3510
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