Build your own shed!


Build your own shed

Fence Rail 1.8m

Rough-sawn timber Tanalised batten Rails

£2.50/Length (inc. VAT)
1.8 m/length (£1.39/m)
Item Code: FE25
6" Ogee skirting 2.4m landlord

special offer skirting boards

£3/Length (inc. VAT)
2.4 m/length (£1.25/m)
Item Code: FE3502
Mdf Shelving 2.1m

Mdf shelving 2.1 white primed

£2.50/Length (inc. VAT)
Item Code: FE909
shed board 6x4 osb

Sterling board 9mm (1829x1197mm)

£7/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: FE2804
shed window (large)

shed window

£22/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: FE2761
Wood Preservative Rustins (Medium Brown 5L)

Colour: Medium Brown 5 Litre

£23/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: D167
Wood Preservative Rustin (Dark Brown 5L)

Colour:  Dark Brown 5 Litre

£23/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: D231
Wood Preservative Rustins (Green 5L)

Colour:  Green 5 Litre

£23/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: D179
95x20mm x 3.9m

Treated log effect softwood T&G cladding

£8.20/Length (inc. VAT)
3.9 m/length (£2.10/m)
Item Code: P3788

Lightly-sawn overlap cladding, mixed lengths of 3m to 4.8m

£2.35/mtr. (inc. VAT)
Item Code: P3640
87x19mm x 4.2m

Softwood ’V’ T&G cladding

£9.66/Length (inc. VAT)
4.2 m/length (£2.30/m)
Item Code: P272
2x2 (47x47) 2.4m

Easi edge

£3.72/Length (inc. VAT)
2.4 m/length (£1.55/m)
Item Code: CT3228
2x2 (47x47) 3.0m

Easi edge

£4.65/Length (inc. VAT)
3 m/length (£1.55/m)
Item Code: CT3732
CLS (63x38) 2.4m

CLS Framing 63x38mm 2.4m

£5/Length (inc. VAT)
2.4 m/length (£2.08/m)
Item Code: CT404
38x47mm 2.4m

Ideal for building framing or partition walls in softwood carcasing.

£3.72/Length (inc. VAT)
2.4 m/length (£1.55/m)
Item Code: CT416
38x47mm 4.8m

Ideal for building framing or partition walls in softwood carcasing.

£7.90/Length (inc. VAT)
4.8 m/length (£1.65/m)
Item Code: CT3827

1. Base Frame Materials

2. Side & End Framing Materials

4. Roof Framing Materials

5. Roof Boards

6. Roof Felt

7. T & G Flooring

8. Doors & windows

9. Fascia Boards

10. Finishing Touches

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