Hand & Power Tools

brush with handle

Indoor Broom 

£5.79/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW2703
Plastic Shim Wedges

General purpose plastic shim wedges for packing and leveling in DIY

£9.99/Pack (inc. VAT)
100 wedges/pack (10p/wedge)
Item Code: HW2285
160mm Spring Clamps (Pack of 5)

160mm Spring Clamp 

£6/Pack (inc. VAT)
5 clamps/pack (£1.20/clamp)
Item Code: HW2608
200 Plastic Packers

General purpose plastic packers / wedges for packing and leveling in DIY

£12.99/Pack (inc. VAT)
200 wedges/pack (6p/wedge)
Item Code: HW4165
200 Multi-Coloured Cable Ties

Self locking cable ties 

£7.79/Pack (inc. VAT)
200 ties/pack (4p/tie)
Item Code: HW2668
210mm Spring Clamps (Pack of 5)

210mm Spring Clamp 

£9.80/Pack (inc. VAT)
5 clamps/pack (£1.96/clamp)
Item Code: HW2609
300mm (12") Diamond Cutting Blade

Ideal for cured concrete, tiles, stone, medium to hard brick and general masonry

£16.80/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW2241
5pc Trowel Set

With wooden handle

£12.30/Pack (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW2560
Allen Key 9-Piece Set

Allen Key 9pc set 

£7.79/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3713
Alloy Roof Square 185mm

Silverline Aluminium Alloy Roof Square 185mm

£7.79/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3222
Biscuit Dowel

 Biscuit Dowel

15p/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW2607
Blow Torch (torch only)

Go-Gas DIY Blow Torch

£18.10/Each (inc. VAT)
1 clamps/each (£18.10/clamp)
Item Code: HW3219
Blow Torch (with gas)

Go-Gas DIY Blow Torch with gas

£23.99/Each (inc. VAT)
1 clamps/each (£23.99/clamp)
Item Code: HW4113
Case Clip with Hoop 95mm

Case clip with hoop 95mm

£3.10/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3363
Case Corner nickle plated

Case corner nickle plated

£3.10/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3365
Case handle nickle plated 120mm

Case handle nickle plated 120mm

£3.10/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3364
Chalk Line Set 3pcs

Chalk Line Set 

£6.79/Pack (inc. VAT)
10 masks/pack (68p/mask)
Item Code: HW2598
Combination Plier

Combination plier

£6.79/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW2601
Combination Square 300mm

Combination Square 

£7.50/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW2564
Cutting Gauge 20mm

Cutting gauge 200mm 

£13.79/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3226

Car de-icer

£3.10/Pack (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3489
Site floor light 110v

Site floor light 110v

£18.79/Each (inc. VAT)
1 clamps/each (£18.79/clamp)
Item Code: HW3068
Defender twin light

Double light on tripod stand

£28.99/Each (inc. VAT)
1 clamps/each (£28.99/clamp)
Item Code: HW3067
Dekton 3 piece chisel set

Dekton 3 piece chisel set

£14/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW4098
Dekton 6" Speed Clamp

6" Speed clamp

£9.49/Pack (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3967
Dekton 8" Diagonal Pliers

8" Diagonal Pliers

£5.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3973
Dekton 81pc Electrician Tool Kit

Dekton 81pcs Electrician Tool Kit

£16.50/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3941
Dekton Automatic Wire Stripper

Dekton Pro Automatic Wire Stripper

£5.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3948
Dekton Bevel Square 8"

Dekton Bevel Square

Size: 8"

£8.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3988
Dekton Chalk Line Set (2pcs)

2 piece chalk line set

£7.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3975
Dekton Chuck Key

Dekton 4 in 1 Chuck Key

£2.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3942
Dekton Combination Plier 8"

Combination plier 8"

£6.79/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3704
Dekton Combination Square 12"

Dekton Combination square 12"

£7.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3951
Dekton Compact Staple Gun

Dekton Compact Staple Gun

£9.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3950
Dekton Folding Knife And Blades

Folding knife and 5 blades

£6/Pack (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW4012
Dekton Furniture Pads 38pcs

Furniture Pad set 38 pieces

£2.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3983
Dekton Go ThroughScrewdriver Set 2pc

Dekton 2pc go through screwdriver set pozi and flat

£5.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3947
Dekton Hand Sanding Block

6.5" Hand sanding block

£3.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3969
Dekton Insulated Screwdriver Set 6pcs

Dekton 6pc insulated screwdriver set

£10.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3945
Dekton Long Nose Plier 8"

Long nose plier 8"

£6.79/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3705
Dekton Magnetic Pick Up Tool

Magentic pick up tool 16lb

£6.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3981
Dekton Mains Tester 7.5"

Dekton 7.5" Mains Tester

£1.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3946
Dekton Medium Glue Sticks 12pk

Dekton medium glue sticks 12 in a pck

Size: 11.2 x 150mm

£2.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3987
Dekton Mini Glue Gun

Mini glue gun

£8.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3982
Dekton Mini Wire Brush Set (3pcs)

3 piece mini wire brush set

£2.99/Pack (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3968
Dekton Pipe Slicer

22mm pipe slicer

£9.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3970
Dekton Pipe Slicer 15mm

15mm pipe slicer

£8.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3979
Dekton Plumb Bob

Dekton Plumb bob

£2.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3993
Dekton Pro-Light XH12 Touch Homelight Set (3pcs)

3 piece Pro-light XH12 Touch Homelight set

£3.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3971
Dekton Pry Bar Set 4pcs

Dekton Pry Bar Set 4pcs


£13.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3989
Dekton PVC Tape Pack (3pc)

Multi colour PVC tape pack (red / Yellow/ White)

£1.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3977
Dekton Ratchet Wrench, Socket and Bit Set

Dekton 22pc ratchet wrench, socket and bit set

£9.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3944
Dekton Rotary Wheel And Cup Brush Set (6pc)

6 piece Rotary Wheel and Cup Brush Set

£8.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3976
Dekton Screwdriver Set (6pc)

6 piece screw driver set

£7.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3978
Dekton Smoothing Plane

Dekton smoothing plane 

Size: 234mm

£11.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3984
Dekton Socket Set 11pc Bit

Dekton 11pc bit socket set

£12.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3943
Dekton Soldering Iron 60W

Dekton soldering iron 60W

£14.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3994
Dekton Stubby Adjustable Wrench

Dekton 2 in 1 Stubby Adjustable wrench

£9.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3940
Dekton Utility Blade Set SK5

Dekton Utility Blade Set 10pcs

£1.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3986
Dekton Utility Knife 6"

Utility knife 6"

£3.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3980
Dekton Utility Knife Set 4pc

Dekton 4pc utility knife set

£2.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3949
Dekton Water Pump Plier 12"

Dekton Water Pump Plier Pro 

Size: 12"

£11.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3985
Dekton Wire Brush With Grip Handle

wire brush with grip handle

£2.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3974


10p/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW2606
Dowel & Bit Set 47pcs

47 piece dowel and bit set

£5.40/Pack (inc. VAT)
10 masks/pack (54p/mask)
Item Code: HW2594
Draining Spade

Solid Forged Draining Spade

£24.80/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3383
Essentials DIY kit

Ideal for starter DIYers

£9.80/Pack (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW2774
Expert Filler Knife Set 3pc

Silverline expert filler knife set 3 pieces

£8.80/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3221
Expert Scraper 75mm

Expert Scraper

£3.30/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW2593
Flat Pry Bar 450mm

Flat Pry Bar 450mm

£6.79/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW2596
Hand Brush 11"

Hand Brush

£3.10/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW2585
Heavy Duty Scraper 100mm

Heavy Duty Scraper

£5.40/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW2979
HILKA mains tester screw driver

mains tester screw driver

£3/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW4125
Hilka Paddle Mixer Chrome 600mm

Hilka Paddle Mixer Chrome 600mm

£7.79/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW2765
Hinge Boring Bit 35mm

Hinge boring bit 35mm

£12.30/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3397
Hinged Cover Caps (Grey)

Screw cover caps 

Colour:  Grey

Pack of 100 

£4.99/Pack (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3914
Hinged Cover Caps (large White)

Large Hinged cover caps 

Colour:  White

Pack of 100 

£5.99/Pack (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3913
Joiners Axe Steel Shaft 16oz

Joiners Axe Steel Shaft 16oz

£12.30/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW2980
Long Nose Plier

Long Nose plier

£3.30/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW2600
Magnetic Finger Saver

Magnetic finger saver 

£4.30/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW2767
mini step ladder

For general diy use

£33.79/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW2711
Pencil (Rexel) Black edged

Blackedged pencil

£2.25/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW2405
Point & Grout Gun

Point & Grout Gun 

£28.79/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3218
Post Hole Digger

Post Hole Digger

£29.79/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3385
Putty Knife 38mm

Soft grip Putty Knife

£2.80/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW2584
Quick Clamp 600mm

Heavy duty quick clamp 

£13.79/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW2578
Screen Wash 1L

Screen wash solution 

£3.30/Pack (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3490
Self-Drill Metal Fixings (Pack of 100)

Self-drilling plasterboard fixings with anti-corrosion finish

Size: 12x32mm

Pack of 100

£12.99/Pack (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3918
Side Cutting Plier

Side Cutting plier

£3.30/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW2602
Blue Solid Shovel

Sqaure mouth Shovel 1025mm

£23.80/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3384
Black digging spade

All steel digging spade 1030mm

£18.30/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3441
Silverline Ratchet Straps s-hook

rachet strap tie down

£7.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW4055
Stadium Louvred Plastic Vent 9"x3"

Stadium Louvred Plastic Vent 

Size: 9" x 3"


£2.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3992
Stadium Louvred Plastic Vent 9"x6"

Stadium Louvred Plastic Vent 

Size: 9" x 6"


£3.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3990
Stadium Louvred Plastic Vent 9"x9"

Stadium Louvred Plastic Vent 

Size: 9" x 9"


£4.99/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3991
Staple Gun JT21cm

All Chrome heavy duty staple gun

£19.30/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3217
Staples JT21 10mm

Arrow JT21 Light duty staples box of 1000

£3.79/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3270
Staples T50 12mm

Arrow staple gun heavy duty staples in 12mm

£4.80/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3271
Steel Profile Gauge 150mm

Silverline Steel Profile Gauge 150mm

£6.79/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3220
Steel Spid Brush

For hand cleaning, rust removal, preparing metal and more

£3.79/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3276
brush with handle

Sweeping bush 12"

£13.79/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3436
brush with handle

Sweeping bush 24"

£15.79/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3437
Wooden Wire Brush

Heavy Duty Bristle Hand Brush

£3.30/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW2563
Wrecking Bar 760mm

Wrecking bar 760mm

£11.30/Each (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW3366
28 Pcs. Screwdriver Set

With soft-grip handles

£10.30/Pack (inc. VAT)
Item Code: HW121
6 Wedges (Hardwood Timber)

General purpose hardwood timber wedges. Pack of 6.

£2.30/total (inc. VAT)
6 wedges/total (38p/wedge)
Item Code: HW87

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