PAR Timber

A selection of finished (Planed all round) timber supplied and delivered in liverpool and north-west for all diy uses. Please note that we do carry many other lengths, so if you need another size just email or phone us.

Planed-all-round (PAR) Softwood

PAR (Planed all around) is so-called because it's been planed to a smooth finish on all 4 sides along it's length.

The sizes indicate the width and thickness of the piece: the rough sawn size in inches above (e.g., 2x1), and the finished size in milimeters below (e.g., 45 x 20 mm).

What lengths will I get?

To keep our prices as low as possible, we source from a variety of mills and as a result, the lengths we have in stock are always changing. For items that are priced by the meter, we'll make it up out of the longest lengths we have available.

Redwood PAR

  • Our planed timber is manufactured from high-quality Scandinavian 5ths redwood (pine)
  • All products are ethically sourced (FSC or PEFC certified)
Wood Flooring

We stock loads more different sizes than would be sensible to list here! Contact us if you need something you don't see.

Oak Products

Oak internal finishing timber

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