Screws, Plugs & Bits

Standard Wood Screws

  • Steel countersunk wood screws
  • Pozidrive head
  • Twin-threaded

Stainless Steel Screws

  • A2 grade stainless steel screws, ideal for external appliaction
  • Screw has sharp points for easy starting and deep cut coarse threads that provide an excellent fix in most timbers
  • Ideal for hardwood and softwood timbers


Coach Screws

Timber Fixing Screws

  • Single-part thread hardened screw
  • Hex flange head
  • Specialist anti-corrosion green treated finish

Ideal for exterior heavy duty timber jointing with decking frames, fencing, sleepers etc.

Plasterboard Anchor Fixing

  • Self drilling fixings for anchoring to plasterboard walls.
  • Applications include radiators, cupboards, handrails, brackets,

Plasterboard Spring Toggles

Plasterboard Spring toggles have an all-metal constuction, making them ideal for applications where heat resistance is required. Their wide span wings spread load, ensuring an increased holding capacity. They have excellent holding in lathe and plaster applications.
The toggles are quick and easy to use, with no requirement for specialist tools.


  • Bright Zinc Plated for excellent corrosion resistance.
  • The square underneath the domed head pulls into the timber being fastened, enabling bolt to be tightened.
  • Manufactured to DIN 603/555.
  • The ideal component for heavy duty timbers fixings.
  • comes complete with nut & washer


Thunder bolts

  • Masonry Anchor fixings with tornado twister allowing a fixing without the need for a plug.
  • Used for concrete, brick, marble and stone.
  • Permanent fixings  


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