Slatted Screen Fencing

Clean, stylish and modern.

We sell both ready-made and DIY products to suit a range of budgets.

Slatted Panels

Fully-tanalised panels ready to use with existing timber or concrete fence post systems.

Softwood panels offer excellent value-for-money and will take paint if you're after something other than the tanalised finish.

Fence Screen Slats

Composite Cladding

Composite cladding boards can be fastened on to backing rails to form fence panels.

The individual boards are 3.6m long by 0.17m wide. Cutting each board in half will yield 2 6ft boards, meaning you can make a single 6ft x 6ft panel with 5.5 boards, or 2 panels from 11 boards.

Square-Edge Treated Boards

Slatted panels are relatively straight-forward to construct even with only basic tools and materials.

If you need an odd size panel or you're after something completely unique it's an option worth considering.

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