HD Deck® 3D has a deeply textured 3D surface creating unparalleled characteristics to mimic natural timber.

Ethical, long lasting and low maintenance alternative to timberFeaturing an unrivaled likeness to real timber with maximum performance

Features & Benefits


naturally resistant to mould and fungus, the number one cause of rot & decay in traditional timber.

low maintenance

maintaining its aesthetic appeal years after installation. HD Deck® 3D requires no staining, treating or painting.


HD Deck® 3D will not warp, bend or splinter like traditional timber decking. Rot and decay are a thing of the past.

recycled material

there is the equivalent of more than 3,000 recycled plastic bottle caps per square metre of decking.

FSC 100% timber

our wood flour used is FSC 100% certified timber from responsible sources.

slip resistant

safe and resistant to slippage in wet and dry conditions.

HD Deck Dual is reversible and double sided - two colour options in one board!


Beautiful - HD Deck Dual is a product of great beauty! Our advanced ‘True Grain’ colour mixing system gives each board a unique look and natural appearance with peace of mind it will last for years to come.

Very Low Maintenance - HD Deck Dual will maintain its good looks for years to come with no painting, sanding or oiling required.

Extra Long Life - Expect HD Deck Dual to last even longer than most composite decking on the market . The capped layer can give a life expectancy of 25 years in residential use.

Fungus & Rot-free - Naturally resistant to fungus and mildew; the main causes of rotting and decay in traditional timber decking.

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