Dakea roof Window (KAVM6A) 78 x 118cm




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Dakea Better is a classical, centre-pivot roof window at its best! Superb energy performance and increased solidity of construction put together to bring light and safety to any home! 

Dakea Better comes with additional lacquer coating and toughened outer glass for increased durability and care free performance. The window is equipped with a ventilation valve and a handle with two additional locking positions (passive ventilation) for flexible and comfortable ventilation control. 

This product has been designed and manufactured with the use of advanced technology and to the highest quality standards. To learn more about its features click on the icons next to the picture.

Dakea Better is covered by a up to 20-year guarantee. 

Dakea Better comes with Quick Install (RUC) - Underfelt foil collar, free of charge, included in the box.

Quick Install speeds up installation process and improves tightness of the construction. 

Dakea Better roof windows can be installed in all roofing materials, in a roof pitch from 15 to 90 degrees. Proper installation requires using original Dakea flashing.


Ref No: KAVM6A 



Size:78 x 118cm
Item Code: CT2722
Availability: In Stock
£461.25/Each (inc. VAT)
1 m/each (£461.25/m)

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