HD Dual Carbon/Antique Composite Decking (3.6m)


Dual Composite decking board 142x22.5mm x 3.6m

The capped outer layer of HD Deck Dual features a
contrasting colour on each side which allows your creativity
to flow when it comes to designing your deck.

Lay your deck with contrasting borders or flip over and change the
colour for a fresh new look!
Get maximum protection against the effects of sunshine
and weathering, which means less time maintaining and
more time enjoying your deck.

This decking combines materials that out perform traditional treated timber decking. 

HD Dual Deck composite decking material is made from two or more constituen elements with significantly differant properties, that when combined produce a material with different charactericts from the original components. This makes for a product that is long lasting, anti corrosive and slip resisitant therefore a very attractive decking product.

Fitted via the secret clip system.

advantages to composite:

uv colourfast- will maintain its colour so no need to re-treat or stain again.

Anti-fungal- naturally resistant to mould and rot due to its low water absorption rate.

Durable- will not warp bend or splint with life expectancy of between  15-25 years

Slip resistant- safe and resistant to slipping in wet and dry conditions.

Attractive- with its secret clip system screws are hidden below the face level.

Cretified- tested to RoHS directive 2002/95/ec for non hazardous substances

Note: all composite decking boards will have a 5% colour fade within the first 6 months of fitting. This is standard on all plastic products.  

Extra Long Life - Expect HD Deck Dual to last even
longer than most composite decking on the market . The
capped layer can give a life expectancy of 25 years in
residential use.

*see fitting instructions attached






Before purchasing, please read the Manufacturer's Warranty


After purchasing, register your decking with the manufacturer within 45 days to receive your warranty. You can register online by clicking here

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£45.50/Length (inc. VAT)
3.6 m/length (£12.64/m)

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