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Marley Eternit UNIVERSAL HipFast System 6m Pack


Universal HipFast is a dry fix hip system that is compatible with all tiles, slates and standard hip tiles.

Pack comprises of

  • 6m Hip Roll.
  • 11 Hip Batten Brackets.
  • 13 Ridge Unions and Clamps.
  • 2 Tapered Filler Units.
  • 16 75mm x 4.8mm stainless steel screws
  • 36 25mm x 3.35mm ARS Nails
  • 3 Washers
  • 24 Tile Head C Clips
  • 36 Tile Tail Clips

Please Note: support trays sold separately (shown in image)

It's fast
Universal HipFast is quick and easy to install, thanks to its mechanical fixing method and the simple roll out operation of the hip roll.

It's value for money
All of the HipFast components are available in just one box and have enough product to fix a 6m length hip.

It's Universal
HipFast can be used with other manufacturers’ tiles, slates and standard hip tiles, not just Marley Roofing’s.

It's quality assured
As you would expect, HipFast passes all the necessary standards with flying colours. Tested and complies with BS 5534.

It's maintenance free
The dry fixing method offers considerable advantages, not only in the speed of installation, but also in long-term economy.

Item Code: CT3240
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£69.99/Pack (inc. VAT)
6 m/pack (£11.66/m)

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