allbond-set beko


Allbond-Fluid + Allbond-Spray

Contains 1 bottle Allbond-Fluid
Cyanoacrylate glue
High quality single component reaction adhesive cyanoacrylate glue, transparent, with Close & Clean closure, clean work, 20 g und 50 g in gel form, 10 g in low viscosity form

and 1 can Allbond Spray 
Activator Spray for reaction adhesive cyanoacrylate glue
Activator Spray for the rapid curing of cyanoacrylate adhesives, clear, runny, long durable

Benefits of use:

Strong bonding after seconds, easy handling, good material compatibility, safety in use, adhesion in seconds, bonds a wide variety of materials, does not run or drip, practical screw cap, usable up to 12 months after opening, very easy to dose, extremely high adhesion strength, permanently transparent, no „flooding“ of absorbent surfaces

Areas of application:

For installation and repair, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, bonds wood, MDF, leather, paper, rubber, cork, metal, aluminum, hard foam, plastics, plastic edges, ceramics, tiles, etc.


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