Tile Adhesive Non Slip 1 Litre


Product Description EVERBUILD SUPERPLUS NON SLIP TILE ADHESIVE is a ready mixed buff adhesive paste for securing ceramic wall tiles and mosaics to most interior wall surfaces. The product is a blend of limestone fillers, clays and acrylic polymers with minor additives.

Benefits • Ready mixed formula - no mixing, no mess. Apply straight from the tub.

• Easier to apply than most competitive adhesives.

• Acrylic based - Excellent non slip characteristics - no movement on a 300 x 200 standard large format wall tile.

• Extended open time.

• Extremely high bond strength - nearly 3 x the British Standard minimum requirement.. Areas For Use

• Kitchen/Bathroom walls.

• Shower areas when used in conjunction with EVERBUILD POWDERED WALL TILE GROUT. Limitations

• Unsuitable for floors.

• Do not use in power showers or in areas subject to intermittent water contact. Use EVERBUILD WATER RESISTANT TILE ADHESIVE.

• Do not use for swimming pools. Use EVERBUILD FLOOR SET TILE MORTAR



Surfaces to be tiled must be clean, dry and sound. Porous surfaces, including plaster, must be primed with Everbuild PVA Bond diluted 1 to 3 with water and allowed to dry before tiling. Allow new plaster to dry at least one month before tiling. Apply adhesive to wall at a depth of 3-6mm (no less than 3mm, no greater than 6mm) combing out an area of no greater than 1m2 at a time. In dry situations, use a suitable notched trowel across the surface of the adhesive before placing the tiles into position and securing with a slight twist action to remove air voids. In areas subject to wet conditions, do not use a notched trowel. Bed the tiles directly into the surface of the adhesive and again, secure with a slight twist action. In both situations, it is good practice to periodically remove a tile and check that at least 75% of the tile is covered in adhesive. If this is not the case, apply fresh adhesive and reposition. All surplus adhesive must be removed whilst adhesive is still wet using a dampened cloth or sponge, particularly along grout lines

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