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Part of the European collection the Arched lattice top panel 1.8mx1.8m provides a beautifull perimeter surrounding to any garden setting. Constructed using the neat channeling system with fully treated planned timber which also acts as dual faced fencing perfect for any neighbouring situation.

You might need a batten!

These panels are 1800mm wide - which is roughly 30mm short of 6ft.

This might be a problem if you're fitting these panels between existing posts (which are often spaced to fit 6ft panels) or if you're building a new fence from scratch with our 6ft wide concrete base boards.

Don't worry though, It's an easy fix! Just screw a length of 2x1 Treated Batten down one side of the panel to make up the difference. This should be almost unnoticable when the panel is in place. Please note, the batten is not included with the panel.

So don't forget to order some batten if you need 6ft wide panels!

Give us a shout If you have any questions or need any more help.


Size:1.8m x 1.8m
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£50 (inc. VAT)
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