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TRADE DECK (Charcoal) 3.6m


Composite Trade Deck


Using ethically recycled plastic /wood combination.

long lasting and low maintenance alternative to timber.

This trade board is a great durable composite hollow board for 

featuring an unrivaled likeness to real timber with maximum performance.

Wood Grain Effect Composite Decking is manufactured in the same way as all our Composite Decking Boards, combining 60% recycled hardwood fibres and 40% recycled plastics, bonding agents and tints.

Available in a choice of 3 colours, you can choose the best option to suit your project whilst making the most of the wood effect surface.

Due to the natural hardwood fibres within each Board, our Woodgrain Composite Decking Boards can be cut to size using standard woodworking tools. To learn more about installing our Woodgrain Composite Boards, take a look at our installation guide.

It is advised to buy all Boards needed for your project at the same time, to ensure the same colour throughout your installation. Different Board batches may have slight colour variations, due to the natural wood material within the Boards.

Please note

The initial colour will change over the first 4-8 weeks after installation as the residue from the extrusion process is removed by natural exposure. The darker colours will see less change and after this initial adjustment the board colour will stabilise


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