Roof Windows

Dakea™ Roof Windows

NOVIK Polymer Roofing Systems

  • watch fitted video to see just how simple this is to fit!!!!
  • Novishingle® high performance polymer products are virtually maintenance-free
  • Resists expansion, retraction and will not split, crack or rot under extreme weather conditions
  • Easy and quick to install – light weight
  • No overlapping necessary
  • Panels are designed with an interlocking system 
  • Proprietary technology that provides a more accurate texture definition compared to other polymer or composite slate tile replica roofing systems
  • Color-through process
  • Novik products are aesthetically pleasing, with no visible seam, and require very little maintenance.  Plus, using our products is quicker, easier, and less expensive, since installation can be completed by just one person.

Panel size: 135,3 cm x 57,15 cm

Material thickness: 0.090"
Pieces per carton: 8
Carton size:4.65 m²
Approx. weight per carton: 16.3 kg




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